Mobile & Web developer

I have made few things check it out.


To me, programming is a way of looking at things.
I use programming as a way to reason about phenomena and model them.
Got to love everything you do.

Learning wherever I can

I was born in Meru, Kenya.
I had the possibility to work on start ups, a pan-african company and for different clients around the world.
I have learnt alot from different points of views. Today I keep learning about different ways of working and new technologies.

Get in touch

Do you have some idea do you want to discuss? You are not sure how to proceed?
Do you want to understand how something could cost to build?
You can write me and we will figure it out together.
I will write back to you within 1-3 days saying:
- if this is something feasible
- if we can help you with that
- if we can point you to someone who can help you with that.
You can contact us by filling the form or write me an email: evansmwongera@gmail.com